6 Garden Tools You Ought To Have In Your Tool Box

Gardening is an activity that many homeowners find enjoyable. Dedicating time to our garden and doing everything it involves, such as cultivating, using fertilizers, designing a new garden, choosing new plants, etc. However, without the right lawn and garden tools, the job can get laborious and take you too much time. 

If you want to start a new garden project, and for the first time, here we’ll talk to you about some tools you can’t have missing in your toolbox. They’ll make your garden work a breeze, and you’ll accomplish more without overworking. 

Essential Garden Tools You’ll Love Using.

Countless garden and lawn tools come very in handy when garden chores are about. Nonetheless, there are ones more basic than others. Let’s take a look at six garden tools that’ll help you perform your gardening labor easier. 

Garden Cultivator

This tool is one of the most common and useful. When you’re working on your lawn, you’ll likely want to cultivate seeds for news plants to grow. Therefore, a garden cultivator is great to mark the trial where you wish to cultivate. 


Perhaps the most known garden tool. Trowels are a must-have in your toolbox to remove, transplant, level, and shape the soil. Indeed, a tool you’ll find incredibly useful. 

Bulb Planter

Bulb planters are not an I-can’t-live-without-tool, but you can come up with beautiful ideas to light up your garden when you have one. This tool makes it incredibly easy to open holes for garden bulbs.

Lawn Weeder

This tool is perfect for removing bad weed from your lawn. You insert the lawn weeder around the weed, twist it two to three times, and pull it up. You’ll altogether remove the weed even from the roots.

Pruning Shears

Pruning shears are very helpful to cut stems, leaves, and give a better shape to your plants, especially those that have thorns and are challenging to manipulate. 

Herb and Veggie Shear

Stainless steel scissors for gardening are a must-have. It’s one of the most useful tools when it comes to gardening.

The Best Lawn & Garden Tools In Arkansas

Taking care of a garden can become very amusing. At Ridout Lumber, we make your gardening chores more enjoyable with all our lawn and gardening tools. Choose your preferred tools from our online shop and start planning your next gardening project.