Tools & More

Ridout stocks an extensive selection of power tools, pneumatic nail guns, air compressors, and the accessories to go with them. All in professional grade to satisfy our professional builder customers and DIYers, who demand the highest quality from their tools. We also have a complete line of hand tools such as hammers, tapes measures, digital measuring devices, tools belts and more; as well as a complete line of long-handled tools such as rakes, pics, axes, and shovels. Whatever the job, we are sure to have exactly the right available.

Power Tools

Power tools run so much faster than hand tools, allowing you to a complete more tasks in less time, which is why they’re the top selection among most professionals. We stock a wide range of Milwaukee power tools and also have several other manufacturers that we order from on a regular basis. If you have any questions feel from to contact your local store.

Nail Guns & Other Pneumatic Tools

Nails guns have became a very big deal for the job sites and DIYers in the construction industry. It has improved so much over the last decade with the faster shooting guns, the cordless CO2 powered guns and now there are even battery operated nail guns. Ridout carries the industry leaders in nails guns, so stop by your nearest Ridout to checkout the selection. Need the nails, staples or braids to fit your nail gun; no worry, you can get your nail gun loaded at Ridout!


With all the new pneumatic tools out on job sites or siting in your shop, you need a driving force to help you accomplish your new construction project or your weekend warrior project. The Air Compressors at Ridout Lumber can you help you with whatever project you working on. We have a great line of Rol-Air compressors and other industry leaders in stock or available through your nearest Ridout.

Power Tool Accessories & More

Power tool accessories are a necessity in any professional’s arsenal, and we have too many to list, but just to name a few, we have: circular saw blades, oscillating disc, multi-tool accessories, band-saw blades, drill bits, jig saw blades, and metal cutting accessories. Don’t forget at Ridout we have outdoor working tools for your home and garden needs. You name it, we’ve got it, and if we don’t – we’ll get it for you!