History of the Ridout Companies

The Ridout Companies, now in their 50th year in business, have seen continued growth based on the ideals on which Homer Ridout started the business in 1971, “Our goal is to sell the highest quality materials for the lowest price while providing the best service in the industry.”

Ridout was started in 1971 by Homer L. Ridout and his son Wayne Ridout. Many members of the family worked in the business over the years, including Wayne’s wife, Robbye Ridout, son, Ross Ridout, and two daughters, Kristen Ridout Smith and Kari Ridout Rockwell. All of these family members were active in the business at the time of the acquisition by US LBM in 2017, with Ross Ridout staying on as President following the transition. US LBM, the company which acquired all of the Ridout companies in 2017, is one of the largest specialty building materials distributors in the United States. US LBM operates a network of 36 leading specialty building companies across the United States. US LBM implements the philosophy of local autonomy and leadership to capitalize on the premier reputation of its operating companies and local customer relationships. For this reason, the Ridout companies still operate under the Ridout name.

Ridout Lumber Company was Arkansas’ largest family-owned lumber company chain and a top 20 lumberyard in the country up until 2017 when it was acquired by US LBM. There are 11 retail locations including 10 Ridout Lumber Companies as well as a Commercial yard in Little Rock that sells drywall, metal framing, and ceilings. All locations are in Arkansas except for the Ridout Lumber Company in Joplin, Missouri. In addition to the 11 retail locations, the Ridout Companies also operate Arkansas Wholesale Lumber Company, which is a fully functional wholesale lumber company, also serving as the buying company for all of the Ridout Lumber Company locations. With its headquarters in Searcy, Arkansas, Arkansas Wholesale distributes materials to all Ridout stores on a daily basis. Ridout also operates Ridout Door Company at its headquarters in Searcy. Through this facility, the largest door assembly plant in Arkansas, each Ridout location is supplied with a full line of interior and exterior doors in materials including wood, steel, and fiberglass. The corporate offices for the Ridout Companies and Arkansas Wholesale are located in Searcy, Arkansas.