Lumber & Panels

Riodut Lumber Company stocks a full range of lumber products in spruce, pine, fir and engineer wood products. In addition, Ridout has its own wholesale yard with tons of inventory, which helps with the buying power to assure the best pricing on lumber in the state of Arkansas. No other lumber company in Arkansas stocks a greater variety and quality of lumber related items than Ridout.

No project or customer is to big or small; whether you are building a bird hourse or an apartment complex, we have products & service you need to the finish the project. We carry a wide array of dimensional, sheathings, engineer wood products, fencing, treated lumber, cabinet material and much more.

Lumber & More

The quality of lumber used in building a structure can make you or break you, and it’s something you don’t want to skimp on or cut corners around. There are many options to choose from and luckily, we have all of the selection you’ll ever need to make your building or project the best it can be. If you are ever in question of the products to use contact your local Ridout Lumber location and they will gladly assist you. Need help sizing the right members for a structural or project use?

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Panels & Sheet Goods

Looking for the right sheet good to finish or start your floor, roof, wall, or that cabinetry home project? Depending on the project you are trying to complete; we have a long list of products that are available at your local Ridout Lumber Company.

Looking for Energy Efficiency, Cost Effectiveness, Structural Integrity, or Sustainability; we are your local one stop shop for plywood, osb, mdf and many more products at our disposal. Want to learn more about plywood and it’s structural strength? Go to the APA aka (American Plywood Association) to learn more.

Look below for a list of products that we have available for your construction needs.

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