Engineered Wood Products

Engineered wood, which is also known as composite wood or manufactured board, is designed to meet exact design specifications and is used for an assortment of applications, from residential to commercial. Ridout Lumber is your home throughout Arkansas for the best-engineered wood products. From Advantech Sheathing to Laminated Beams to Simpson Connectors, we have it all and our EWP layouts comply with local building codes and design.


I-Joist & LVL Framing

Boise Cascade’s Simple Framing System makes framing floors and roofs much easier. The system features beams, joists and rim boards that work together in helping you build a better home in less time. The images below will take you to Boise Cascade’s Eastern Specifier Guide. Take a look at the specifications and call your nearest Ridout. It won’t take you long to realize why architects, engineers and designers trust these engineered wood products and framing systems.

boise cascade


Laminated Beam Products

Ridout Lumber is proud to carry the best Anthony Forest Products in the state of Arkansas. These power beams, power headers and glulam out-perform their competitors and are more economical and efficient.

Anthony Glulam are engineered glued laminated beams and columns and can be used for residential or commercial header applications in windows, doors and garage doors, floors and roof ridge beams.

The Anthony Power Beam uses readily-available Southern Pine lumber from our own state in Urbana, Arkansas. It features moisture control, superior strength and is competitively priced.

The Power Preserved Columns and Beams are perfect for exterior support, whether residential or commercial. Suggested uses include deck supports, raised coastal construction supports replacing pilling, farming applications, pedestrian bridges and more.

anthony forest


TrimJoist Floor Truss

For all your flooring needs, Ridout is proud to carry TrimJoist, which demonstrates a consistent and superior truss. The full 3-1/2” wide surface is great for nailing and gluing subfloor and allows the builder to trim on the job-site. It also allows HVAC, plumbing, and structure to run without cutting off the truss. You can read more in the TrimJoist brochure to the right.

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For over 50 years, Simpson Strong-Tie has been an industry leader in creating products that help people build safer and stronger homes. Ridout has partnered with this great company in providing a range of connectors including, single or double I-joists, LVL beams, Glulam beam or general connectors.
Simpson also has a Strong-Wall that provides the best engineering technical support for a multitude of issues. The field adjustability allows trimming and drilling if necessary. The narrow panel widths have high allowable loads and design values. Finally, the Strong-Wall is perfect for a variety of applications, whether residential, commercial, multi-story or single story buildings.

simpson strongtie



Advantech Sheathing is manufactured by Huber Engineered Woods and this high-performance technology panel is designed to replace plywood and other panels of the past. The sheathing panels work for a wide range of uses, including wall sheathing, roof sheathing, 2-layer floating subfloor, and shear walls. Huber also provides a state-of-the-art rim board with structural integrity.