Columns, Spindles & Railings

Columns, Spindles & Railings

If you have a craftsman-style exterior, you may be inspired by our selection of architectural columns, decorative spindles and AFCO rail systems. Whether you’re looking for columns for the interior, or just for decor, Ridout is the place to look. We have a wide range of styles, heights, and materials available; come check out wide selection or even order custom columns to meet your needs.
Looking for some custom railing ideas? Check out the Fortress Railing & Tamko Rail Products!

Aluminum Columns

AFCO’s aluminum columns and posts are easy to assemble and look great on decks and porches. The ‘Builder’ and ‘Fluted’ Series come with a variety of options and accessories, including decorative caps and wrap-around designs.

Fiberglass Columns

These beautiful columns from AFCO are made from fiberglass-reinforced polymers and follow the Tuscan order of architecture. They are durable and maintenance-free with options that include a smooth shaft, fluted shaft, or wrap-around application. They’re easy to install and come with a lifetime warranty!

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Bungalow Columns

AFCO offers two sizes of Bungalow columns in a variety of Scamozzi, Roman Ionic, Temple of Winds and Roman Corinthian styles. With decorative caps and craftsman bases, Bungalow-style columns are manufactured from PVC material and are increasing in popularity because of their versatility, affordability and easy-to- install instructions.

Wood Columns

Wooden columns are also available to order at Ridout, they are available in many different sizes, heights, wood species, and looks. Visit with your local Ridout for more details.

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AFCO Railings

How would you like to enhance your architectural setting with AFCO-Rail that is elegant, easy-to-assemble and does not rust? Visit your nearest Ridout location in Arkansas to explore a variety of rail options including, level rail, adjustable stair rail, fixed stair rail, deck board rail and much more.

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