MDF Trim & Molding

Prime-Line’s MDF is manufactured from 94% pre-consumer recycled wood residue, reducing the drain on our forests. Prime-Line has never contained, or been manufactured with any Class I or II ozone-depleting substance as listed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Prime-Line meets or exceeds all voluntary limits for urea formaldehyde in fiberboard products.

See below for a Primeline product catalog.

Wood Trim & Molding

When you want a great choice of high-quality wood trim, you want Little River. There are pine, white fir, finger-jointed (paint grade) moldings, and over 150 different profiles to choose from. If you want a strong, blemish-free and smooth product, we are the place to shop. Here at Ridout, we are also able to get many custom trims & products that are trim related.

***Other wood specifies are available depending on profile wanted, check your local Ridout for profile availability.

Flexible Trim & Molding

If you’re looking for molding that is flexible enough to fit most any radius contours and shapes, you want Flex Trim. They are made of hand-molded, high-density polymer resin. And with over thousands of profiles available, there’s a style for everyone.

wood trim diagram

Catalog Download

Catalog Download


Staircases & Accessories

The experienced craftsmen at universal stair parts can fulfill almost any request you may have, as they’ve worked with a variety of wood species from the ordinary to exotic, and are great at customer-specific profile requests. The stairs in your home can make a statement, good or bad, depending on the craftsmanship or style of the product you choose – we should have a choice for you. If you want cable railing or rod iron we can get them as well, come by your Local Ridout to get more details.

Universal Stair Parts

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