If you want to install, upgrade or dress up a fireplace in your home, but aren’t sure where to start, Ridout Lumber is here to help. Visit your nearest Ridout location in the state of Arkansas or Missouri to see our fireplace displays and stone and brick veneers that come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and price and are available to order from Ridout Lumber. Want to dress up your fireplace, checkout our stores for stone and brick that are available to order from Ridout Limber.

Gas Fireplaces

The convenience of a gas fireplace makes them a very popular product. The simple push of a button is all it takes to go from being cold and miserable to warm and comfortable. Another advantage of a gas fireplace includes the fact that they are “clean-burning,” releasing less pollution into the air and producing no ash or soot.

Aside from the obvious advantages, added features by manufacturers such as Comfort Flame, including remote controls, timers that prevent you from leaving the fire on after falling asleep, fans that circulate the heat around the room and thermostats that maintain a consistent temperature.

Available in Vent-Free or Direct-Vent configurations, get a convenient traditional or contemporary modeled fireplace that provides a classic, realistic appearance and that goes perfectly in your home.

If the required maintenance and upkeep that come with a wood burning fireplace are giving you second thoughts, consider replacing firewood with Comfort Flame’s Vented Gas Logs. These give you the appearance and feel of a real fire without causing the mess!

Electric Fireplaces

Some people write off electric fireplaces as nothing more than a glorified space heater, but that’s simply not true! The difference is the multitude of styles, classifications, and sizes that are available in electric fireplaces.

Right now, Ridout can equip you with a Comfort Flame or Yosemite Home Décor Electric Fireplace that can save you money, reduce your carbon footprint and still allow you to enjoy the setting and comforts of a real fireplace throughout the year.

Electric fireplaces often come with a wide assortment of features and gadgets that make them very convenient and easy to use. Not only are they convenient for you, but also allow for quick and easy installation.

Wood Burning Fireplaces

The biggest advantage of a wood burning fireplace? How cost effective it is to maintain! The price of wood, compared to gas or electricity is minimal. Plus, the smells and sounds of a wood burning fireplace are tough to beat. They simply can’t be replicated by anything else.

Let Ridout help you find an elegant wood burning fireplace that matches your style and is equipped with stacked brick-styled panels, a heavy duty log grate and a durable finish.