Doors, Transoms & Sidelites

At Ridout Lumber, we have our own in-house door company, which is the largest in the state of Arkansas. Our store offers a variety of entry & door systems: including interior, exterior, storm doors, barn doors, security doors, as well as inserts, patio doors, transoms, and sidelights. You can choose the color, product type and design that best fits your style and we can always place a special order if an item is not in stock. Finally, we carry all the supplies and door hardware you need for all those do-it-yourself installations and repairs.


Exterior Entry Doors

An exterior entry system is about much more than just choosing another door. At Ridout, we believe it’s about creating an entrance that will inspire guests, give you confidence and last a long time. Our choices come from a variety of vendors, which can include lifetime warranties and options that will compliment your specific home.

Steel Doors

Our steel door options are strong, durable and easy to maintain. If you need custom sizes to fit and existing opening or working on a project, our door shop can help with that project. Talk to a Ridout representative about steel doors that will prevent water absorption and resist rust. *Also ask about our FrameSaver jambs, that are available through our door shop.

Wood Doors

Finding an exterior entry system that fits the style and matches the color in a particular room can be difficult. We’ll help you choose from multiple door designs, from contemporary to traditional to artistic, that will fit your unique style. If you want the most design possibilities and custom capabilities, choose the perfect wood door for your individual taste. Even doors of the same style are unique because every wood grain is slightly different. Custom made doors are available in many different species & looks as well.

Fiberglass Doors

You can experience the look and feel of real Mahogany and Oak while getting performance and value with exterior doors from our fiberglass collections. Whether it’s an entry door, patio door, or a door for your garage; fiberglass is energy-efficient, durable, and low-maintenance. Check out the Thermatru website for more options and info.

Custom Iron Doors

If you are looking for the look & feel of a heavy duty rod iron door! Check out the Hoelscher Door website, these iron doors are out of this world.


Interior Doors

Finding an interior door that fits the style and matches the color in a particular room can be difficult. We’ll help you choose from masonite or wood with multiple door designs, from contemporary to traditional to artistic, that will fit your unique style. If eco-friendly engineered doors are important to you, we have options that are made with pre-consumer recycled content, resource-efficient materials, and certified wood. In addition, these doors are made with a sound-reducing solid core that will bring peacefulness to your home. Have you considered an interior sliding barn door? These trendy and functional doors fit perfectly within modern or rustic styles. They’re easy to install and come with a couple finish options on the hardware.

Masonite Doors

Masonite doors are one of the leading sources for the latest design ideas and trend insights, which is providing you a way to complement your home and personal taste. With masonite you have a robust product offering that has several finishes and details available, that helps your personal design come to life. Don’t see what you like with masonite then you can go to a custom line door with a personal touch.

Wood Doors

Wood interior doors have come a far way from the way they were made over the past century. There are far more wood selections available, door styles, and sizes; and even some custom options are available. Doing a remodel project and need some wood doors to match the ones existing your home, check out the selection that Ridout has available for you. Contact your local Ridout door specialist if you have any questions.


Glass Inserts, Transoms & Sidelights

Looking for a door is just as much about the add-ons and extra features that come with it. Make a statement with your exterior door with your choice of our decorative glass lines; choose from a wide array of designs, colors, textures, and shapes. Find a handcrafted, highly-rated insert that is perfect for you. Our privacy and textured glass will provide thermal efficiency and come in multiple styles and opacities. Sidelites help give your home that extra curb appeal with the specialty glass and eye-catching design. Transoms also help let in more natural light, give you a better view of the outdoors and come in a variety of shapes including rectangular and fan-shaped.


Storm & Security Doors

When the weather gets colder or Mother Nature has her way, a factory-strengthened glass storm door will give you peace of mind. With options such as 2-inch thick aluminum frames, overlapping edges and double weatherstripping, our Larson storm doors are elegant and strong! For your convenience, we have many options and styles that come with retractable screens, ventilation systems, and even factory-installed pet doors. Need a security door? Need some outdoor living screen accessories? Larson has options for these, check them out below.
Larson Doors


The Door Hardware & Supplies You Need

At Ridout, we don’t just sell the products, but we sell everything you need to install and repair the product on your own. Whether you’re a professional contractor or just a handyman, come to Ridout for door knobs, handles, stain, trim, hardware and much more. Our prices and service are rarely matched in the industry! We have several options available for locksets to interior sliding door hardware, come by our location or click on the links to find out more.

Door Locksets

There are more to locksets than just security, with the many different options: colors, designs & styles. At Ridout or stores stock an extensive line of Design House & some of the Kwikset products; and even several more are available through special order. Just click on the logos to see some of the products that are available. No need to worry about keying options, whether large or small, we can get them keyed from the factory or even some can be done at your local store. If you have any questions feel free to contact your local Ridout location.

Thermatru Stain Kit

This Thermatru stain kit will resist fading, chalking, and bleaching, and comes with a wide choice to match your home exterior. These same day stain kits are ideal/recommended to use on Classic-Craft & Fiber-Classic doors. Click button to learn more about the stain colors and options available.

Thermatru Doors