There are so many common lumber usages nowadays, from things we use in our daily lives to building materials. However, there are a couple of unexpected uses for lumber still unknown to many. Here, we’ll discuss the six most common uses of lumber that we bet you didn’t know.

  • Terraces

One of the main lumber purposes is for terraces. Terrace roofs are one of the most popular planks because they are straightforward to install. These days you will find many homes using these kinds of planks on their rooftop. Lumber is easily accessible in a lumber supplier store, which is great for homeowners.

  • Balconies

Another great use of lumber is for balconies. Although it might be surprising to most, wood is one of the most durable materials you can use when creating a balcony or patio area. Wooden planks are generally used here because they give good support and are easy to install. 

  • Ceiling Planks

When creating ceilings made entirely of wood, using the correct type of lumber is critical. For this reason, people often use a superior grade of planks to create ceilings because they are specially designed for building walls and roof panels.

  • Doors

Domestic sourcing lumber can be used as a double advantage for door-making. When you use your domestically generated material, it can save you both time and money. Lumber not only provides the best type of wood for making doors, but it is also very easy to work with because of its soft grain.

  • Chicken Coops

This might come as a surprise to many. Still, lumber is generally used when making chicken coops or even hen houses. This is because it is easy to work with and allows for sound insulation.

  • Plywood Veneers

One of the most versatile uses of lumber is for making plywood. Plywood or extra thin veneer made from hardwood are generally used by carpenters when creating plywood panels. This product can be later sanded down to create low-cost veneers that can be further used for making doors.

  • Fiberboards

Fiberboards are also made using lumber products, especially softwood lumber products. This is because softwood fibers are very flexible and have good strength properties. These boards are then later cut down into smaller pieces, making them highly versatile when it comes to making veneers and other such products.

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