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Improve the look of your house with the right moldings and trims.

When it comes to the look of our house, many pieces come into play, such as moldings. There is a wide variety of styles a molding can have, as well as a variety of materials they can be made of and types depending on their functionality, such as flexible moldings.

With almost 50 years of experience, Ridout Lumber has become one of the favorite lumber and hardware store for Arkansas residents thanks the quality of materials we provide, our exceptional customer service, and our convenient online store where you can find and buy the right type of moldings for your house that best fits your personal style, and more.


Choose the Right Option for You

Beauty lies in the details.

Moldings are one of those small and sometimes overlooked pieces of our house that can make a big difference when it comes to its look. Installing moldings and trims can go from adding elegance to any house to changing its overall style, as well as to protecting the wall from kicks, abrasion, and furniture.

Depending on your personal style, and the look you want your house to have, you can choose from our variety of molding & trim option, such as:

MDF Trim & Molding

Prime-Line’s MDF is manufactured from 94% pre-consumer recycled wood residue, reducing the drain on our forests.

Wood Trim & Molding

When you want a great choice of high-quality wood trim, we provide you with over 150 different options to choose from.

Flexible Trim & Molding

Trims and moldings flexible enough to fit most any radius contours and shapes. With over thousands of profiles available, there’s a style for everyone.

Moreover, if you are not entirely sure which molding style, type, or material you want, we will also help you out on the decision-making process by helping you find the best molding that best fits your style and needs.

Find the Perfect Style of Moldings & Trims From the Comfort of your own House

Build that project, achieve the satisfaction of a job well done, and start enjoying yourself.

Ridout Lumber is here to provide you with the best quality trim and moldings online in Arkansans, as well as the advice and guidance needed to get the most professional results.