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Whether if you are looking for the right type of lumber for your project, or affordable materials to renew your house or even the exact set of tools required for a specific type of building project, Ridout Lumber is the right solution for you.

Approaching a half-century of quality service to the residents of Arkansas and Missouri, we at Ridout Lumber have been able to cooperate and help our customers achieve the best results in their building projects.

Moreover, we provide a wide variety of services and options for your personal, or professional, building project. Ridout Lumber is more than just a lumber store, is a complete building solutions partner that you count on with when striving for excellence and quality in your projects.

Let the Experts Advise and Provide You with the Right Type of Lumber You are Looking for

There is a wide variety of lumber you can choose from to use in your building project, but there are some that, because of their characteristics, are the right type of lumber you need for that project you are working on. It can be overwhelming sometimes to try to determine the right type of lumber you need, besides being really important for the quality and endurance of what you are building, which is why we at Ridout Lumber are here ready to advise you on the perfect option for you.

Furthermore, having been working on the industry for almost half a century now, we know that one of the main concerns there are when it comes to lumber are the prices. Wood is not a cheap material in a general sense. For this reason, and because our customers’ dream of building that project is our dream as well, and we want to see them fulfilled, Ridout Lumber provides different financial solutions to help you continue working on your house or piece of furniture.

Let Us Work Together in Building a Better World

Build that project, achieve the satisfaction of a job well done, and start enjoying yourself. Ridout Lumber is here to provide you with the best quality lumber for your project and the advice and guidance needed to get the most professional results.

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