Tools For Rent In Batesville, AR

As a homeowner, you may not need to buy tools just for one day of use. The thing you need is tools for rent so you can use whatever you need for some time and then give it back to its owner. This way, you won’t pay the total price of the tool, just for its rent. 

With Ridout Lumber, you can enjoy this service. We offer a large selection of the best building tools in the market daily rental in Batesville, AR. Whether you need to cut come tile to install yourself, or trench for a cable, Ridout Lumber has the tool for you. 


Tools We Offer 

As we said, we stock a large selection of high-quality tools to satisfy our customers. Whatever you need, you’ll find it in Ridout Lumber. These are some of the tools we offer.

Power Tools

Power tools are faster than hand tools. They will allow you to complete any project in less time, which is perfect for you since you may not be able to use hand tools faster, like contractors. 

Pneumatic Tools

Nails guns are used frequently in the construction industry. They have improved so much over the last decade with the cordless CO2, the faster shooting gun, and now with battery-operated nail guns. 

We carry a selection of the industry leaders in nail guns so you can work with top quality products in your building projects. Also, if you need staples or braids to fit your nail gun, we can load it for you at Ridout Lumber.


With all the new pneumatic tools, you need a driving force to help you in your construction or remodeling project. The air compressors we offer can help you with any project. We stock a high line of Rol-Air compressors and other industry leaders in our stores.

Power Tool Accessories

We offer a range of power tools accessories like circular saw blades, multi-tool accessories, oscillating disc, band-saw blades, jigsaw blades, drill bits, metal cutting accessories, to mention a few. Also, we offer working tools for your home and garden needs. 

Get The Tools You Need With Ridout Lumber

Ridout Lumber is here to help you with your building projects. With us, you can find the tools you need and professional advice in case you require it. Don’t waste more time and call us to see our tools catalog and rent the ones that fit best with your project.