Best Fireplaces and Heaters to Keep Warm This Winter

Winter season can be brutal in Arkansas as temperatures can range from 34 to 24 degrees Fahrenheit. Here at Ridout Lumber, we can offer the perfect products to make your home and family feel cozy and warm during winter. 

Ridout Lumber Online Store has an extensive line of heaters and fireplaces for sale. 


Winter Products for Sale

We have different heaters and fireplaces for sale to help you survive the extreme temperatures from the winter season. Here are some of our most popular products:

Kerosene Heaters

Heaters are a dependable way to keep you and your family warm. Most of them are portable and can function without electricity. The two main types of kerosene heaters are convection and radiant heaters. 

Radiant heaters tend to be smaller and, by consequence, produce less heat. But they also consume less fuel. Their system mimics warmth by line-of-sight radiation, just like the sun. 

Convection Heaters are larger than radiant heaters and produce more energy. Since they burn more energy, they also consume more fuel. Convection heaters serve as furnaces heating all the air in a room. 

We always recommend that you get accessories that increase the performance and durability of your kerosene heater. Our line accessories for kerosene heaters contain multiple products. Still, our Forced air Filter Kit is one that stands out. Our Forced Air Filter Kit allows your kerosene heater to work efficiently by minimizing the amount of residue that filters from the air. 


Fireplaces are a convenient way to keep you warm during winter, but it might demand too much work and time until you make it burn. We offer electric fireplaces to warm up your room with ease. Our Remote Electric Log Heater with reflecting panel is an affordable and effective way to beat the winter in any room. In case you already own a fireplace at your home, we invite you to look at our list of accessories. Our Fire Starter Square can help to ignite your fireplace quicker. 

Order Everything You Need For Winter 

Don’t wait until it’s too late to do your winter shopping. Check our online store to see all the winter products we offer at a competitive price. Go ahead and shop a new fireplace, heater or any accessories.