Find The Best Lumber Store

Confidently finish every building job you ever do with the help of the best lumber store in Arkansas. Here at Ridout Lumber, we are the most comprehensive lumber store with the best building materials on the market. We will provide you with any product you might need to deliver a high-quality service to your clients. We can recommend products, find a location that offers them, and often even deliver them straight to you so that you can fulfill your promises.


We Have A Range Of Installation Services 

Ridout Lumber is always thinking about its clients and their needs. That’s why we offer almost any installation service you might need for your house. Some of them are:


You’ll be plumbing entire houses and buildings for your clients, and we’re here to help. We have every plumbing fixture you’ll need to install, from sinks, tubs, and heaters to exhaust fans. We also offer a variety of pipes for your clients’ needs.

We deliver many of our products straight to you, and we are always available to recommend one of our many high-quality products to you based on your project.


You can install secure and reliable roofs with our high-quality roofing materials. At Ridout Lumber, we stock shingles in a variety of colors and styles to fit your clients’ preferences. We also stock metal roofing and any accessory you might need for your project.  


Ridout Lumber has a full range of lumber products in pine, fir, spruce, and engineered wood products. No other building company has the variety and quality of our lumber-related items. Additionally, our wholesale yard assures you the best prices on lumber in all of Arkansas.

No matter what your building job requires, we have the products you need to finish it to your clients’ expectations.

Contact The Experts For Your Project

If you need any service related to the ones mentioned before, Ridout Lumber can help you. And if you want to do the job yourself but you need building materials, we can also provide them to you with our rental service. We are the complete lumber store you’re looking for in Arkansas.