Transform Your Space With The Best Renovation Store

Renovating a house or a building is exciting and a potentially profitable project. If you are a building contractor, you probably have to manage the type of renovations people can make, look for the materials needed and fill the owner’s expectations. If you need any help with that, Ridout Lumber is here for you. We are the most comprehensive renovation store, and you can find anything you need for your project.


5 Inexpensive Materials To Transform Your Space

Home and business owners don’t have to spend a lot of money to transform their spaces. There are low-cost materials that can fit with their style and change the look and feel of the interior.


Plywood can be a bunch of sheets of wood veneer glued together but is formidable. Each layer is alternated 90 degrees to increase durability and reduce warping. The plywood is cheap, and it will look nice, so it’ll be a smart choice for your house.

Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks can lend a more sophisticated industrial effect to floors and walls, in comparison with the standard choice of poured and paneled concrete. You have to not coat them in glossy paint to look like 90’s high school than warehouse chic.

Acoustic Tiles

Acoustic tiles are mod and cool-looking. It can be used to panel the walls of a few in-office telephone booths.

Copper Pipes

Copper pipes are very common nowadays, and they are cheap. You can cut them and put them in the position you like the most hanging utensil racks, side tables, even faucets.


For a watery-but-protective finish over any construction-grade-plaster, use wax to get a glimmering look.

We Have What You Need

If you are a building contractor and your customer needs any material to change their space, you can count on Ridout Lumber. We are the most complete renovation store in Arkansas, and we have everything you need to help your business grow.