Cheap Bike Parts For Road Emergencies

Bikers who love to ride long distances know that emergencies can happen. It’s better to be previously prepared to avoid more significant issues while on the road. Situations like getting a flat tire, rusty chain, losing control on bumpy ground, and much more can happen. However, if you carry essential bike parts for road emergencies, no situation will catch you unguarded. 

Let’s go through some very useful bike parts and accessories that’ll be easy for you to carry on your backpack when you’re about to ride a long distance and budget-friendly. 

Your Must-Have Bike Tools 

Taking the right measures by carrying the necessary bike parts and accessories is indeed a life savior. You might give it a second thought if you want a light ride; however, safety should always come first. Let’s take a look at some handy bike accessories that won’t take much space in your backpack, and that will save you from possible road emergencies. 

Basketball Pump

Yes, it sounds inaccurate. However, carrying a basketball pump will help you inflate your tires if needed. Riding with low psi doubles the effort of pedaling. Therefore, a basketball pump will help supply the right amount of air for your tires to keep rolling smoothly. Plus, it’s size makes it easy to carry.

Oil Chain

What happens if you go out of your home without checking your bicycle chain, and while on the road, you find out some parts are rusty? Carrying an oil chain will help you moisturize them and keep riding. When returning home, make sure to replace it with a new chain. 

Replacement Pedal

Carrying a pair of replacement pedals is the most significant life savior. Tripping on the road can happen, and your pedals can get damaged. And what would you do without a pedal? Indeed, walking all the way back home is not an option. Thus, a pair of extra pedals will come very in handy. 

Spoke Wheel Light LED

Suppose you take the road on your bike and night falls. In that case, carrying spoke wheel light LEDs would help drivers on the road notice you. Most bike accidents happen because vehicle drivers don’t notice bikers due to poor lighting conditions. With this bike accessory, you can prevent that risk.

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