Not Your Typical Christmas Shopping 

Doing your Christmas shopping at a hardware store is not that common, but Ridout Lumber is not a typical store. Our online store is so complete that you not only can find tools and equipment for remodeling projects but all types of holiday decorations for sale, especially for this Christmas season. 

Are you planning on lighting up your house with a whole Christmas vibe and spirit? You should start checking out all the Christmas Decorating products that we offer in our stores all around Arkansas or check out our online store to order everything you need.


Christmas Trees & Ornaments For Sale

Going from store to store, trying to find the different Christmas ornaments can be very tedious and exhausting. When you visit us, our team will support you with everything you need, and Christmas decorations are not the exception. 

It’s not like you’ll only be able to find a couple of Christmas ornaments or socks at our store. You will actually see all kinds of Christmas decorations for sale, from Christmas ornaments, Christmas trees, Christmas gifts, Christmas lights, garlands, and any type of Christmas accessories. 

You can order a brand new Christmas tree to make your living room stand out or find any piece or accessories for the Christmas tree you already own to give it a brand new look.

Also, feel free to check out the different Christmas lights we offer and make your house stand out in your neighborhood. The best part is that since Ridout Lumber is a hardware store, you don’t need to visit another store to buy or rent a tool you might need to install your Christmas decorations safely. You can find it all at Ridout Lumber! 

Shop Christmas Decorations From Your Couch

During these unusual times, where social distancing is recommended to prevent the spread of Covid-19, we offer you alternatives for your shopping experience. We have adapted our online store so you can find all the products we offer, including Christmas decorations and stuff, to bring you a safe and enjoyable shopping experience from the safety of your home. 

Check out Ridout Lumber Online Store and scroll through all of our Christmas decorations for sale. You don’t need to get out of your house to order the Christmas products you require to decorate your home, and you certainly don’t need to leave your home to pick them up. 

We offer delivery service to your house’s front door to save you time and guarantee your safety. So go ahead and contact us today to make sure you have everything you need for a perfect Christmas season.