Cleaning Supplies & Commercial Janitorial Supply Products for Your Cleaning Business 

For any business owner, finding good quality supplies are a priority. Janitorial and cleaning supplies can have a significant impact on your day-to-day operations and are critical for customer satisfaction; we know it can be challenging to decide which products are best suited for your intended application. If you own a cleaning or janitorial business, you’ll want to keep reading to find the essential supplies you need.

4 Cleaning Supplies you need

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve made a list of essential supplies you’ll want to consider purchasing and having on hand once you’ve selected a supplier.

  1.  Carpet Care
    The best way to keep carpets in clean condition is by investing in good quality carpet care products. All in one carpet cleaner products such as Combi-Clean will clean, deodorize, and protect carpets and rugs from re-soiling and brighten the fabrics’ colors. A pet stain remover like Bissell is essential for eliminating deep pet stains and bacteria. Investing in excellent carpet care products can make an old carpet look brand new.

  1.  Disinfectants
    Quality disinfectants are crucial in maintaining a clean environment. Lysol Multi Surface all-purpose cleaners will cut grease and grime and clean and deodorize no-wax floors, cabinets, and sinks. On the other hand, Lysol aerosol cans will kill bacteria on environmental surfaces and eliminate odor-causing bacteria and mold.

  1. Floor Care
    Whether it’s carpet, wood, or tile flooring, it’s vital to maintain your floors in the workplace or at home. A Commercial multi-surface floor cleaner will safely clean tiles, marble, vinyl, linoleum, granite, stone, hardwood & laminate floors, and give floors a clear gloss and sealer coating by eliminating floor imperfections.

  1. Odor Remover
    Odor can be a big problem for anyone. An excellent solid odor absorber or deodorizer will continuously absorb odors while emitting a pleasant mild fragrance. Through a chemical reaction, odors are converted into a non-toxic, odorless compound. Fragrant carpet cleaners will help eliminate any odors trapped in carpets.

Ridout Lumber is Here for all Your Cleaning Needs

Is your company in need of adequate and high-quality janitorial supplies? Ridout Lumber offers commercial cleaning products for a range of industrial, home, and commercial applications. Call or email us to learn how we can create a customized cleaning program tailored for you.