Thinking About Building a Deck? Consider Wood Decks

Choosing materials for your projects can be tricky, and there are many factors you need to consider while doing so. But, if you’re thinking of building a deck, treated wood is a great option with natural’s wood beauty and added resistance. It always gives that rustic and intimate look everywhere it is used! 

At Ridout Lumber, we understand homeowners’ needs, offering quality wood products that are easy to assemble by yourself. We take great pride in the efficiency of our treated wood, guaranteeing they are the best choice for decks or outdoor living space.

4 Benefits of Treated Lumber for Decks 

There are many materials you can choose from, yes. But treated lumber was created for this kind of situation. In contrast, normal wood can deteriorate over time (mostly because of weather factors), and others like composite tend to be pricier. 

As a building material, treated lumber offers many advantages like: 

  • Cheaper than other materials for outdoors

Even when treated lumber tends to be a “pricey” material, it is cheaper than others like stone, concrete, or steel. It doesn’t face issues like corrosion or difficulty with installation. You can always get a quote at Ridout Lumber. We sell the best quality materials for a low cost compared with our competitors.

  • Durability regardless of weather

Treated lumber will last longer than other materials like natural wood, regardless of the weather conditions in your area. Treated lumber also tends to be denser than untreated wood products, which means it is stronger. Still, it’s also lighter than concrete or stone.

  • Is resistant to  moisture, fungi, insects and fire

It is one of the most complete materials when it comes to preventative measures. It is created with different compounds based on copper, which is a natural biocide. These compounds protect the lumber from insects and fungi.

  • Easy to use

With this material, almost anything can be built up, including a deck of lumber. It is easy to mold and assemble by yourself. 

Where to Find the Best Treated Lumber

Ridout Lumber has been in the industry of wood products for decades, offering the most accessible prices in the market. We care about our customers, guaranteeing them quality products and services that meet their needs and expectations. 

Don’t let that deck of lumber just be in your mind; we can make it happen!