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Time and supplies are essential when you’re working on a construction project since they both complement each other. Even when you have enough time, you can’t work on your project when you don’t have enough supplies, and vice versa. That’s why you need a company like Ridout Lumber that can supply both time and materials for your exterior fireplace construction.

Here at Ridout Lumber, we don’t specifically supply time. Still, our excellent service will save you the precious time you need to focus solely on constructing. We can provide you with all the materials that you might need for exterior fireplace construction. Contact us now if you’re ready to start your project with the best quality materials.


Unmatched Quality Service

When you have almost half a century in the market like us, it’s because you’ve been able to adapt, innovate, and provide a service people still demand. We’re contractors’ first choice because we’re able to offer the extensive range of products they need for high-quality construction.

Suppose you suddenly ran out of materials and you need them as soon as possible. We got you covered. To save you the time of leaving your project to pick up your product, we offer the most efficient delivery service. You tell us where you want it, and we’ll take it to you without interrupting or invading your working area.

Find the Right Materials

If you’re planning on building a residential masonry fireplace, then you’ll need the right materials. At Ridout Lumber, we offer all the materials you might need to develop your residential masonry fireplace. Take a look at some of the materials we offer:

  • Brick & Stone: we can provide you with professional assistance to help you find what you need. You can get brick veneers, faux bricks, stone veneers, and more. You can also place special orders for these items, as most products are not in stock.
  • Concrete & Cement: we offer our line of durable cement and concrete products from Sakrete and Ash Grove. These products are so reliable they’re trusted and encouraged for the most advanced residential and commercial jobs. Our products are ideal for fireplace construction since they’re crack-resistant, fast-setting, and perfect for laying bricks.

Start Building Your Fireplace With Us

Save time and money with our delivery services and by avoiding visiting multiple stores as you can find everything you need with us. When you choose us, you’re ensuring you’ll be able to work on your project efficiently and with long-lasting materials. Contact us today to start your fireplace construction now.

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