Ceiling tiles can last a long time with proper care. They’re relatively easy to clean and can resist staining if you take simple precautions. Homeowners need to know how to give proper ceiling tile care. This will maintain your home value and prevent accidents resulting from damaged tiles.

You can do a few things to take care of your ceiling tiles and keep them looking their best. Here are five ceiling tile maintenance tips:


Keep the area around your ceiling tiles clean. Ensure to dust and regularly sweep to remove any dirt or debris that may accumulate over time. Be sure to use cleaning formulas appropriate for the material of your tiles. Regularly cleaning will prevent gunk buildup discoloration and keep your indoor air pure.


If you are using a ceiling tile that is susceptible to staining, such as ones with a glossy finish, be sure to use a sealant. A good sealant will help protect your tiles from spills and other accidents. Avoid painting or staining them yourself since its easy to damage your tiles.


Ceiling tiles can be damaged by moisture. Be sure to keep your home well ventilated and use a dehumidifier in damp areas to prevent water damage. If you leak, fix it immediately to prevent any further damage.

Sun Exposure

Over time, exposure to direct sunlight can cause ceiling tiles fading and discoloration. To prevent this, install light fixtures and blinds or curtains that will shield your tiles from the sun’s rays.

Damage Prevention

If your ceiling tiles become damaged, take action immediately to prevent further damage. If a tile falls, pick it up and put it back in place. If there is a large hole or crack, cover it with a piece of plywood or paneling until you can get a replacement tile.

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It’s important to remember that you should not ignore damaged tiles. They can cause accidents and even structural damage to your home. If you have any concerns about your ceiling tiles or need advice on how to take care of them, contact Ridout Lumber. We are expert ceiling tile suppliers, and we’re always happy to help.