How To Install Advantech Subfloor

We’ve all heard how important it is to install a subfloor in our homes. It provides the foundation for our home and will affect how much noise, vibration, and heat make their way up into your living space.

But how do you know how to install Advantech subfloor? Should you nail or screw it down? Glue or not glue? In this blog post, we talk briefly about how to install an Advantech subfloor so that you can have a better understanding of the installation process.

What Is Advantech Subfloor?

Advantech is a type of subfloor that is made out of wood. It’s not your traditional plywood or particleboard but rather screws into the floor joists with ease and provides support for the next step in building your new room.

Advantech Subfloor: Benefits

The Advantech subfloor comes with a lot of benefits. Some of them are:

Easy To Install

One of the best things about the Advantech subfloor is how easily it can be installed. It screws into place and does not require any glue, nails, or other adhesives to hold it in place.

Resistant To Water Damage

The Advantech subfloor is waterproof and prevents moisture from bleeding through the cracks or crevices in your subflooring. That means that you can install it directly on top of concrete slabs without worry about how much water it can handle.

Flat And Smooth Surface For Flooring

The Advantech subfloor has a smooth surface that is perfect for laying down new flooring on top of which means that you won’t need to sand, scrape or level the space before installing your new floors.

Aesthetically Pleasing

A variety of wood grains and finishes comes with The Advantech subfloor. The floor will look beautiful when installed.

How To Install An Advantech Subfloor

#1: Measure Your Flooring

Before you start installing your subfloor, make sure that the floor is perfectly flat, which means checking for dips and high spots all over the room before starting to install anything.

#2: Installing The Subflooring Screws

Using a screw gun, start installing screws along each of your floor joists. The screws should be directly below the bottom edge of each floorboard. This ensures there is no visible gap at all.

Once you have installed a line of screws, keep applying them into place until they are tightly secured to the ceiling beams above.

#3: Flooring Installation

After the Advantech subfloor has been installed, you can start installing your flooring of choice directly on top of it. If you want to install a floating hardwood floor, this means nailing or stapling in place with no glue required for installation.

Install Your Advantech Subfloor With Ridout Lumber

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