Your windows are an important part of your house. Windows provide light and ventilation and can be a key design element. But like all parts of your house, they require maintenance. One important aspect of window maintenance is knowing when to replace them. Depending on various factors, you’ll be able to tell when it’s time.

Continue reading here to discover how often you should do some residential window replacement.

What Can Happen If You Don’t Replace Them?

If you don’t replace your home windows regularly, a few things could happen. For example, the frames and seals around your windows can deteriorate. This can lead to drafts and increased energy bills. In extreme cases, water damage can occur. Additionally, your windows may become difficult to open and close. And finally, your windows will lose their aesthetic appeal.

How Often Should You Replace Them?

The frequency you need to replace your home windows depends on several factors. These include the age of the windows, how often they’ve been serviced, what material they’re made of, and exposure to the elements. In general, you should replace them every 20-30 years. However, if your windows are of a more delicate material, you may need to replace them more often.

When Should You Replace Them?

There are signs that you should replace your home windows. Here are some:

  • You notice any drafts or water damage
  • Your windows are hard to open or close, or if they’ve lost their aesthetic appeal
  • You haven’t serviced your windows in a while
  • You have already done some home window maintenance, but they still have issues

Ultimately, the frequency you need to replace your windows will depend on various factors. However, by paying attention to these signs, you can be sure that your windows will last for years.

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