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Insulation and Weatherization in Arkansas

The average American family spends about one-third of their annual weathering budget on air escaping through cracks, leaky ducts, and windows. A proper weatherization to protect your house from the elements can save energy and money by reducing the loss of cooled and heated air from inside the home.

Weatherizing a house means it is insulated and ventilated effectively for all seasons. Insulation and weatherization do not only save money, but also reduce the potential for drafts, mold, and mildew. At Ridout Lumber, we know the challenges of the Arkansas environment and have the expertise required to properly insulate and weatherize your home.


Major Benefits Of Home Weatherization

Weatherization is a whole-house approach to saving energy. It includes insulation in key areas like floors, sidewalls, sealing the perimeter of the home, and, of course, addressing air infiltration. According to statistics, insulation and weatherization can save homeowners 20 to 30% on utility bills. Not convinced yet? Here are the top 4 benefits of weatherization.

  1. Sleep Better: Studies show that weatherizing a house reduces sleep interruptions. And makes sense since weatherizing makes your home warmer and safer. Increased sleep also improves quality of life and reduces multiple health issues.
  2. Improve Home Value: Installing energy efficiency matters makes your home more attractive to potential buyers. The more efficient, the more it’s gonna catch the eye of prospective buyers in the future.
  3. Save Money: As mentioned above, weatherization saves you money, especially in cold seasons. That’s money you can invest in other things.
  4. Eco-Friendly: Weatherization also reduces the dependence on foreign oils and thermal energy and saves precious fossil fuels. Also, weatherization also reduces emissions from heating and cooling a house, and therefore, environmental pollution.

Stop Wasting Money – Weatherize and Insulate Your Home!

Insulation and weatherization brings many benefits to you and your family. If you’re ready to make a change, make sure you consult an expert in the area. Ridout Lumber has been insulating and weatherizing homes in Arkansas for a half-century. We offer many kinds of insulation, including house wrap insulation.

No two homes are the same, that’s why Ridout Lumber develops an insulation and weatherization plan based on each home. We guarantee you’ll receive personalized care, attention to detail, and quality craftsmanship when you choose our services of weatherization and house wrap insulation.