Kitchen Cabinets For Sale In Conway, Arkansas

If you’re looking for the best kitchen cabinets for sale in Conway, Arkansas., you have come to the right place. Ridout Lumber stocks a range of kitchen cabinets from different brands. We have a variety of wood, styles, and finishes you can choose from. 


3 Different Types Of Cabinets For Your Kitchen

If it’s the first time you’re changing your kitchen cabinets, you probably want to learn more about the range of options you have. And if it’s not your first time, it is also good to review your options. That’s why we’re going to share with you eight different types of kitchen cabinets. 

1. Shaker

The most common style for cabinets today is the shaker-style, which consists of five pieces of flat-panel. This type of cabinet is a very popular trend because of the simple and classic look it offers to traditional or contemporary designs. 

They usually come in high-quality American wood like cherry, maple, hickory, and quartersawn oak.

2. Louvered

Louvered kitchen cabinets add a unique style. They come in horizontal wooden slats, as well as a hefty price tag. They fit perfectly with areas that require ventilation because of the spaces they have between each slat. 

3. Inset

These cabinets are made up of an inset door set inside the cabinet frame. Each door is designed with incredibly precise measurements to make sure the wood sits inside the frame and works correctly. 

Inset kitchen cabinets are some of the most expensive cabinets in the market, but they can last years. 

Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets With Us

Don’t waste time and change your kitchen cabinets with Ridout Lumber now. We have a range of styles you can choose from and at the best price. You will find cabinets from popular brands such as Forevermark, Wilson Art, Kabinart, and Cambria. 

If you want to make sure that what you buy is going to fit perfectly in your kitchen, you can use our state of the art design program that allows you to see the kitchen before you buy. You just have to talk to our cabinet specialists for a print-off of what your dream kitchen can look like.