Lumber and Hardware Store in Batesville, AR

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Have you placed a project on hold due to a lack of proper tools or high-quality affordable materials? Do you walk pass by every day by the same unfinished set up because you are “waiting for the weekend” to finish it? Sometimes we can get stuck due to unknowing the next right move if you are working on a treehouse, your deck or perhaps something slightly new that you are working on 

That’s ok we have all been there, but with the help of a professional, your project can be finished in the blink of an eye! Our professionals can assess what should be the next move in order to follow codes and regulations as well as ensure structural integrity. 

Professional help, Professional Results

Get in contact with our of our wood specialists to finish the task at hand. Our expertise ranges from Cabinets, countertops, to elegant trims and stable structures like decks, of course, anything in between. With the help of our professionals, there is no impossible task. 

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Ridout Lumber and Hardware Store help you finish your tasks as fast as possible. As hassle-free for you, our Delivery service means that you can make your purchase from home if you already have a list of things you need to purchase, if not visit us at our location and we’ll take care of that for you, our delivery in many instances is free! 

Our experts will provide full coverage for your project to take off. We can provide all the material, and we ensure an experienced team member to take care of you.

Also, we can help you design a flooring system for any floor of your house, that will need the code standards and maintain high-quality for years to come.