Masonry Chimney Supplies for Builders

A chimney could help keep a house cold during winter and keep your family warm during the holidays. A chimney can also provide the style and a different vibe to a living room. Either way, a chimney is only useful or pretty when it’s done with high-quality building materials and with the professional assistance of a reliable company. 

Here at Ridout Lumber, we thrive on providing customers with the best quality masonry chimney supplies for builders. 

We also provide professionals for choosing the appropriate building materials depending on your needs. If you want to start a chimney project with the best blocks, concrete & masonry cement, we have the ideal service for you. Contact us now to begin your chimney project today. 


Brick & Stone

Install a stone fireplace with our affordable and durable brick and stone products. A stone fireplace can bring a classy look to any living room. Still, we can provide professional assistance for any renovation plan you might have. Although most products are not in stock, you can always make special orders for these types of items. 

Concretes & Cements 

If you’re a contractor, you might be familiar with our line of durable cement and concrete products from Sakrete and Ash Grove. Our product is so reliable that it can always be found in the most selective residential and commercial jobs. These materials are perfect for laying bricks for a chimney and come with the benefit of being crack-resistant and fast-setting. 

Start Your Project With Us

You don’t need to worry about sloppy or low-quality materials and service when you work with us. We have extensive years of expertise and contacts to ensure the best service to our clients. It starts with obtaining the best materials available in Arkansas’s whole state, and it ends with providing nothing but excellent service to you. 

With us, you have the freedom to choose and order ahead and pick up your building supplies. You can also use our delivery services to stay at your working site and work on your project. Find us now at any of our 14 locations.