Modern Granite Countertop in Little Rock, AR

Choosing countertops is not a simple task. When it comes to materials, there are many options, each with its pros and cons. And, because it’s an ongoing decision with a hefty price tag, there’s a lot of pressure to get it right. Counters are commonly used for the decoration and structure of your kitchen, being a decision that takes time to consider. 

Ridout Lumber offers different types of material, colors, and styles, always taking versatility into account for you to be happy. 

What Is Granite Made Of?

Granite is a natural ground stone extracted from large deposits of igneous rocks found all over the world. The process begins as molten magma that flows into other rock structures and slowly cools. The stone is naturally quite rough and textured. Still, it takes on a smooth surface with a rich luster when ground and polished during countertop fabrication. Because its density is much less likely to scratch than softer stones (such as marble or soapstone), and it is also less likely to stain. 

Get High-Quality Granite Countertops for Your House

  • Accentuate the good looks of quality kitchen cabinet tops.
  • Natural stone for those who want an environmentally friendly countertop.
  • Excellent resistance and lifetime with proper care.
  • Resistant to scratches and heat damage, such as from hot frying pans or hot hair tools.
  • Good stain resistance and easy to clean if properly vacuum-sealed.

You Can’t go Wrong With Granite Countertops

At Ridout Lumber, we carry an extensive line of granite countertops in Little Rock, AR. These are simply some of the best granite countertops you can buy for the money anywhere in Arkansas. In addition, Ridout also orders various unique order cabinet lines and countertops from popular brands such as Kabinart, Forevermark, Wilson Art, and Cambria.

To discuss the variety of granite countertops in Little Rock, AR, Ridout Lumber will guide you through the selection process and offer the complete service you need. We make your kitchen renovations possible.