Plumbing work is necessary to maintain your home in good shape. If you’re planning on doing any plumbing work, it’s important to have the right tools. Using inferior plumbing equipment can lead to subpar results and, in some cases, even be dangerous. By getting the best plumbing supplies, you’ll ensure the job lasts and is well done.

Here Are 7 Of The Most Common Plumbing Tools You’ll Need For Plumbing Work:

  • Tubing Cutter

A tubing cutter is a handheld tool that’s used to cut pipes. It has a cutting wheel that’s made of carbide or steel. The carbide-tipped wheels are the best option as they’re harder and can stay sharp for longer.

  • Mole Grips

Mole grips, also known as Vice Grips, are locking pliers. They have serrated jaws that are used to grip objects tightly. They can be adjusted to fit the size of the object being gripped.

  • Pliers

Pliers are hand tools used to grip, twist, or bend objects. There are many different types of pliers, each designed for a specific purpose. The most common types of pliers include needle nose pliers, slip joint pliers, and channel locks.

  • Press Fitting Systems

Press fitting systems are used to connect pipes without the need for soldering. They create a watertight seal and are easy to use.

  • Buckets

Buckets are often used to hold water or other liquids while doing plumbing work. You can also use them to store tools and materials.

  • Plumber’s Torch

A plumber’s torch is a handheld gas torch used to heat pipes. It has a long, slender nozzle used to direct the flame. The torch is also equipped with a shut-off valve so you can extinguish the flame quickly.

  • Flashlight

A flashlight is essential for any type of work, including plumbing. It can be used to illuminate dark areas and to find tools or materials that have been misplaced.

Get The Plumbing Supplies You Need – All In One Place

These are just some of the essential tools for plumbing. While there are others, more specialized tools, these are the basics you’ll need to get started. With the right tools, you can be confident you’ll get the job done right.

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