Plumbing Parts For Kitchen Renovation Project

Is a customer trying to renovate their kitchen, and you need to buy plumbing parts for it? You don’t know where to find these plumbing parts, and you need help to buy them? With Ridout Lumber, you can find anything you need for that kitchen renovation project and the support to obtain the proper plumbing parts. 


Some Of The Plumbing Parts We Offer 

Here at Ridout Lumber, we have the plumbing parts you need for your kitchen renovation projects. Here are some of the products we offer:

Kitchen Faucets

A sink can’t be a sink without a faucet. It can be the perfect finishing touch to enhance your customer’s kitchen’s efficiency and also a great design. 

No matter if your customer is looking for a primary replacement or the upgraded luxury of a pre-rinse, you can find it here at Ridout Lumber.

Garbage Disposers

Garbage disposers are a must in many kitchens. Whether it is a repair or a new installation that your customer wants, we offer the best quality disposers for your kitchen remodeling projects. 

Kitchen Sinks

The kitchen sinks are pretty much where everything ends. Without a kitchen sink, homeowners won’t be able to use their kitchen in their maximum capacity. With Ridout Lumber, you can find a range of kitchen sink styles to choose the one that best fits your customer’s needs and tastes. 

Faucet Accessories

If you need to install or repair a customer’s faucet, you can find the accessories at Ridout Lumber. We stock a variety of faucet accessories for you to choose from. 

Sink Accessories

Do you need some accessories to renovate your customer’s sink? At Ridout Lumber, we offer a range of sink accessories to satisfy your customer’s needs. Whether it is a small part or something more significant, we have it right here. 

Get All You Need For Your Kitchen Renovation Projects 

We understand that as a contractor may be challenging to find all the supplies you need for your projects. But with Ridout Lumber, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. With Ridout Lumber, you are more than covered in your kitchen renovation projects.