Plumbing Tools In Bathroom Ready To Repair Leaking Sink

Essential Plumbing Tools for Commercial and Residential Plumbers

If you are a plumbing contractor, then you know the importance of working with high-quality tools that are specifically designed for plumbing. Specialized tools will increase the quality of your services while ensuring your safety. Whether you work in commercial or residential projects, here is a list of 5 plumbing tools that will help you work faster and better:

Pipe Cutters 

Having a tubing cutter can make your job way easier. Make sure to have tubing cutters designed to cut plastic, copper, and steel. Pipe cutters are very easy to use and will help you get the clean and exact cuts that your jobs require.


Wrenches are one of the most used items among plumbing repairs. It is important that plumbers have wrenches of different types, shapes, and sizes, so they are ready to complete their job properly. Here are the two essential wrenches that are essential in plumbing:

Adjustable Pipe wrench

This metal plumbing tool grips round objects securely by digging sharp teeth on them with increased pressure. Use this item for heavy-duty fixtures like steel and iron pipes.

Faucet Seat Wrench

These types of wrenches are perfect to repair leaks caused by cracked seals. Once you have scraped old seals off, this item will allow you to install new ones properly.

Pipe/Tube Benders

This item makes angles and curves in different objects without distorting them. Pipe benders shape new pipes into the same shape of the one you are replacing. It is also used for bent pipes that are located around corners.

Plumbing Torches

These small plumbing torches can be incredibly useful for both residential and commercial plumbing jobs. They produce flame using pressurized fuel gas like propane and are used to melt solder and join copper pipes together.


These plungers are the most popular plumbing tools in the marketplace. They are used to clear clogged drains and pipes. These are the two most common types of plungers: 

Cup Plunger

This common plumbing tool is used specifically to dislodge clogs from sinks, bathtubs, and showers. 

Flange Plunger

It works like a regular plunger but has an extended rubber flap that helps it create the necessary pressure to dislodge most clogs from toilets.

Everything You Need in One Place

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