Reliable Farm Gates for Your Livestock

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It doesn’t matter if your livestock lives on acres of land or a small suburban farm. You will always need farm panels and a farm gate. A farm gate can prevent people from entering your property by mistake and also protects it from thieves.

A farm gate and farm panels are both necessary security measures for keeping your livestock protected. If you’re looking for both of them, we have the perfect service and options for you.

Here at Ridout Lumber, we can provide you with various options to keep your livestock protected from intruders or any danger. Give us a call today and get to know more about the options we have for you.


Our Products Benefits

If you’re a farmer, there’s no need to explain to you the primary role livestock have on a farm. To ensure their protection against predators like wolves, bears, or even dogs, you can use our reliable farm panels.

Depending on your livestock’s size, you’ll need to choose between different types and sizes of farm gates and panels. Larger gates will be required for larger livestock and the machinery that might enter through the gate.

Still, even if you have a small livestock number, you could benefit from a larger panel and gate to prevent them from injuring themselves. That’s why we offer you different types of farm gates and panels that suit your needs.

Our Products

As mentioned above, you can select from different products to ensure your livestock protection when you choose to buy from us. We invite you to take a look at the livestock protection products we offer:

  • Tubular Farm Gates – we offer 30 different options for sizes, colors, and styles of tubular farm gates. You can find the ideal farm gate for a small or large livestock farm.
  • Corral Panels – our reliable and durable options of corral panels can fit different types and livestock quantity. You can choose from red and modern coating or a more neutral color like a classy steel gray.
  • Farm Gate Accessories – to provide extra protection to your farm gates, you can always choose from over 15 different accessories types at Ridout Lumber. From lockable gate latches to gate wheels, you can get it all.

Protect Your Livestock Today

There’s no better time to start protecting your livestock than today. You never know when a predator might attack or a thief might invade your property. Here at Ridout Lumber, you can start ensuring the protection of your livestock. Talk to us now to get all the products you need.

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