Roof Ventilation Products in Arkansas

Roof vents ensure good airflow and ventilation in your attic. The general purpose of roof vents is to keep the air cool in the summer and dry during the colder months. Encouraging natural air circulation makes your home more comfortable by allowing warm, moist or stale air to leave the house. Continuous ridge vents are most effective because they are installed at the peak of the roof ridge, allowing trapped hot air to escape from the attic. 

At Ridout Lumber we make sure your roof and attic ventilation units are intended to operate year-round to balance cold air and warm air out in your home. The ventilation system we use will allow you to avoid any damage caused by temperatures. Ridout Lumber has different roof ventilation products in Arkansas, to fit the conditions and needs of your house. 

Install Roof Vents To Prolong The Comfort in Your House

  • When it is hot outside, the sun hitting the roof can increase the temperature in the attic of your house. Too much exposure to heat can warp the roof sheathing and distort and prematurely age the shingles. If the attic floor is not evenly and adequately insulated, this heat can make it more difficult and costly to maintain the comfort of the living space.
  • During cold seasons, warm air escapes into the attic from the living space and rises to the underside of the roof deck. As the roof deck warms, the bottom layer of accumulated snow on the roof begins to melt, causing water to run off the roof. Once the runoff reaches the hard outer edge, it refreezes and turns to ice. When this happens repeatedly, an ice dam forms along the eave, blocking the outflow of more runoff. A properly installed roof ventilation is the ultimate defense against ice dam formation.

Ridout Lumber Has the Best Roof Ventilation Products 

In Ridout, we will provide a general guide to the outlay of roof ventilation your house needs. You can choose from our different roof ventilation products: Omni Ridge, Static Roof Vents, Solar Vents, Deck-Air Vents, and the All-Weather Turbine Vent. To get expert advice, or to receive a quote, contact us. You will get the best roof vents in Arkansas.