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If there are three essential things in life every person should have it’s food, water, and a roof over your head. Most homeowners don’t pay too much attention to their roofs – and they should. Inspecting and giving maintenance to a roof in a home is often overlooked and dreaded when the time of replacing it comes.

The roof of our home is what keeps us safe from all the exterior elements: rain, sun, wind, and snow. And, especially after a rough season like winter, inspecting and giving maintenance to your roof is essential. If you want the highest quality roofing materials in Arkansas, look no further than Ridout Lumber. We are your one-stop-shop for all your roofing needs.


Winter Can Seriously Damage Your Roof

Most homeowners don’t realize it, but even trees branches that hang above you pose a major threat to the integrity of your roof. High winds can rip those branches and limbs off, throwing them against your shingles.

At this time of the year, right after winter, roofs can be damaged. Not only do winter hazards like snow and ice cause problems to your roof, but they also make it difficult to remedy those issues. Some of the most common damages winter leaves on roofs are:

  • Trapped Water: In the winter, trapped water that has been absorbed by roof materials freezes and expands, causing cracks. To prevent water from getting trapped in your roof, ensure that it’s properly ventilated with the Lomanco vents we have at Ridout Lumber.
  • Strong Winds: Winds loosen your shingles and blow them off. If this happens, don’t hesitate to replace them immediately to preserve the integrity of your roof. At Ridout Lumber, we offer many types of roofing shingles.
  • Ice Dams: Ice dams can prevent melted water from running off your roof, causing it to pool on the roof where it can cause leaks. This needs to be addressed by a professional to avoid leaks into your home. At Ridout Lumber, we offer inspection services and all the materials you need for the reparation.
  • Icicles: Icicles are bad for the health of your roof because they can pull gutters and other parts. They’re also heavy, causing stress to your roof and contributing to rotting. Knocking down icicles can cause as much damage as letting them fall, so it’s better to prevent them from forming by keeping your gutters clean and applying heat tape along seams.

Ridout Lumber – The Best Roofing Materials in Arkansas

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