Siding & Veneers for your Remodeling Project

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There’s a high demand for siding and veneers today because of the warm and rustic appeal they give to a house. Also, siding and veneers can provide numerous benefits to your home, from making it more appealing and energy-efficient to increasing its value and integrity as well. But when it comes to construction, results and benefits are as good as the project’s materials.

At Ridout Lumber, you’ll get the highest quality side and veneers for your remodeling project. Our materials are guaranteed to provide strength and durability to contractors’ remodeling projects. Order quality materials now to start your remodeling project as soon as possible.


Choose From a Variety of Siding Materials

With us, you have the benefit of choosing from a wide variety of materials for siding and veneers. Here are some of them:

Stone Veneer

Stone is a very resistant material against rain and doesn’t decompose over time when exposed to harsh elements. This makes stone a very permanent, durable, and desirable product for remodeling projects.

Here you can choose from different sizes, colors, and styles to find the ideal one for your remodeling vision. You also have the option to find a more affordable and easy installation product like a brick veneer. Any stone veneer you see at our stores is guaranteed to provide low-maintenance and a long lifespan to your remodeling project.

Metal Siding

Our metal siding provides you with benefits like a long lifespan and little maintenance needed. You can choose from over 100 different color options to ensure you’re giving the right color to every residential or commercial project.

Vinyl and Aluminum Siding

Just like all our siding materials, with vinyl and aluminum, you also have various styles and colors to choose from to give a unique look to every remodeling project. Vinyl siding is extremely durable and resistant to damage from insects and harsh weather. Vinyl siding is also easy to maintain, but make sure to hose it once a year.

Start Remodeling Now

If you’re looking for a place where you can find various options for durable siding and veneers, there’s no need to look somewhere else. At Ridout Lumber, we have numerous styles, colors, and materials for your siding and veneers remodeling project. Talk to our representatives now and get our assistance to start remodeling.

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