What Is a Storm Door and Do I Need One?

If you’re looking to purchase a storm door because they sound convenient, let’s pause the impulse a bit and learn about them to know if you need one. Even if the name indicates what a ‘Storm Door’ is, we’re going to check the basics together before we dive into more details, their benefits, and reasons why you would need one.

What is a Storm Door? 

A storm door is an extra door for exteriors mainly installed to protect from harsh weather and provides more ventilation during hot times. You can find many types and styles of storm doors with added features like retractable screens, ventilation systems, and some have pet doors included!

4 Benefits of Storm Doors

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Storm doors tend to reduce energy loss up to fifty percent, making you save money on bills. While being in nice weather, you can install patio storm doors with screens; this offers ventilation with an interchangeable full screen. This feature allows you to catch a breeze or enjoy a rainy day in the comfort of your home.

Eases Visibility and Light

Having a storm door installed allows you to leave your normal doors open, letting natural light sneak into the spaces of your house. During daylight hours, you won’t need to keep the lights on.

Also, if you want patio storm doors, it can help you to keep an eye on your kids while they’re playing, giving them freedom but supervision at the same time!

A Barrier From Bugs

Having a storm door sure serves as a protector from bugs, flies, or mosquitoes entering your home!

Protection From the Elements

Your primary door is protected from rain, ice, and snow, helping you reduce maintenance costs. It also expands your primary door’s lifespan.

Do I Need a Storm Door?

You may want one, but you should consider a few things like the climate of your location. If you’re living in an area exposed to the elements listed above, you may need a storm door to protect your primary door from them. But if you live somewhere warmer, it may not be a good option to go for a storm door. 

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