Decks are one of the most beautiful and functional parts of a house. They can boost your enjoyment of the outdoors, help you relax, and enhance your property value. But you need the right materials to make sure you increase the lifespan of your deck.


Choosing the right deck material for your home can be challenging. Deck materials come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Decking materials are often chosen because of their durability or aesthetic appeal. The type of deck you want will depend on what suits your needs best and finding the right deck material suppliers in AR.


What Do I Need To Consider? 

Wood, composite, or plastic. When considering what material you will use for your deck, selecting a material can sometimes be overwhelming. There are a lot of factors that go into this decision, from location to choosing the right deck material suppliers.


Deck materials vary in price, installation time, care required, and availability. It’s a big decision since this part is in contact with the ground, and most people will step on it all day long. However, if you don’t consider this, the deck will wear out in no time, and you’ll find it necessary to replace it sooner than expected.

Decking Types

Decks can be made from several different materials, and each decking type has its pros and cons. Different decking materials are perfect for certain areas of your home. When it comes to deck types, there are a lot of different options out there, such as:

  • Wooden Decking: Decking made of wood is the most common deck material. Deck boards are available in many different colors and patterns. Hence, they allow for a high level of customization when designing your deck. Deck boards typically require regular cleaning because rainwater collects on the surface before draining through holes to the decking below.


  • Composite Decking: Composite decking is made of wood and plastic. It is durable and does not require as much maintenance as wood decks.


  •  PVC Decking: PVC decking is made of synthetic materials and is resistant to weather and pests. It does not require much maintenance and is available in many different colors.


  • Decking Stone: Deck stone is commonly made of flagstone, brick, or granite. Deck stones are very durable but require regular sealing to protect them from sun damage. Decking stone can be slippery when wet, so choosing the right deck stone for your home’s location is important.


  • Decking Tile: Deck tiles are made of stone or resin. They can be used to create patterns and designs for your deck, but they require regular cleaning because dirt gets stuck in the grout lines between each tile.


  • Metal Decking: Deck panels made of metal or aluminum require less maintenance than wood decks because the material does not rot or crack from exposure to moisture and UV rays. They do get hot in direct sunlight, so installing a metal deck in an area with shade is important. 


Get Your Deck Materials From The Best In AR 

There is more to consider than just what type of wood you want on your deck. Deck material providers in AR can help you decide which type of wood, railing system, or other material will suit your needs best; Ridout Lumber is your best choice if you want the best deck material company.

When you’re making a final decision on what decking type and materials you’re going to use, having the help of the best deck material supplier in Searcy, AR, is a big factor to take into consideration. Reach out to Ridout Lumber now to get the best material for your decking needs.