Many homeowners wonder whether painting or replacing is the best option when their cabinets have suffered significant damage. Both may be a practical solution, but they should consider other factors. How can I tell if I need to replace my kitchen cabinets? Here we’ll dive into this subject.

  • Visible Wear And Tear

Signs to look out for include doors that don’t close well, visible holes, scratches, dents, and stains. Even if you aren’t interested in painting your kitchen cabinets, they might need to be replaced because of the damage done through regular use. In such case, it’s best to contact a top-quality cabinet material supplier to change your cabinets and prevent accidents.

  • Broken Parts

Broken hardware, such as handles and door cabinets, may indicate that the hinges need to be replaced. Accidents that cause broken parts may also cause structural damage to your cabinets, making changing them the most prudent option. If only a small repair is needed, it is best to repaint to give your cabinets a uniform look.

  • Loosening Parts

If your cabinets are too loose, replacing them may be the best option. This problem often indicates that the structure is weak and cannot support any weight unless properly fixed. It can be fixed and as part of this repainted.

  • Doors That Don’t Close Properly

If you already have replacement hinges on hand, this may indicate that your cabinet’s frame itself needs to be replaced. 

  • Water Damage

Kitchen cabinet materials can suffer water damage, whether due to flooding or a leaky pipe. If this happens, then may be the best time to replace them entirely. Water damage is severe and not something you can quickly fix on your own since it seriously damages the wood.

Repairs Vs. Replacement

Cabinet maintenance is important. Whether you need to paint or replace your cabinets will depend on their condition and whether they are fixable. Once you’ve invested in repairing your cabinets and they still suffer damages, then it’s time to replace them. Replacing old and damaged cabinets will significantly improve your home value.

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