Transom Doors are doors with windows that open above them. The purpose of a transom window is usually decorative, located in the upper section of a door. Transom windows can be used in place of a full window or as an accent in a room where lower visibility isn’t ideal.

Transom Door Benefits

Transoms are usually considered part of the door installation, though not the actual door since they share the same structural place. If you’re looking to install one, transom door supply stores are of great help. So here are 3 benefits of transom door usage.

  • Ventilation

One main benefit is to let air flow in. It can allow smoke and other fumes out. This can be used for houses with fireplaces or wood stoves, which can often get smoke trapped inside if insufficient ventilation is present.

  • Illumination

Another benefit is light and view. With the use of a transom window, you can let in plenty of natural sunlight to brighten up your home. This could be very beneficial for those who live in areas that aren’t as sunny such as the Pacific Northwest, or even outside of America if you want to brighten up your home.

  • Security

Last but not least are the security benefits such as draft reduction. Having extra light and airflow to a room can reduce potential drafts in cold weather. It can also reduce potential smoke buildup. Transom doors prevent suffocation or intoxication from other gasses. The door provides added protection against break-ins by making your home seem more protected.

Transom Installation

Transom windows have a long history. They will add a touch of classic elegance to any space you use them, both exterior and interior. Suppose you’re looking for a transom, best to contact a transom door provider. Transoms, although it’s a window, is part of the door installation.

Get Your Transom Doors In Arkansas

If you’re looking to install a transom door in your Arkansas home, contact your Ridout Lumber. We’re the best to speak with regarding structural installation since we know what we need to do for a successful result. Get the perfect transom door for your house.